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Anxiety in the cot

I have been doing just the foundation statement for the last 3 weeks and have noticed that when my 18 month old wakes now she is not screaming or crying out my name. In the last few days she has been in her cot playing and laughing.

Thanks again Mum ‘V’



My conclusion: The changes seen are great and very encouraging showing has been implemented correctly by parent and the Foundation Statements accepted by ‘S’. However, she seems to still have an underlying level of anxiety that expresses with health issues (psoriasis) and it seems that there is a risk of developing a bad habit by eating more sugar. Fear of being hurt is still there but improving.

It was agreed that the Primary area of need is: Confidence and Anxiety. Specific suggestions were offered and agreed by Mum.  Mum reported to me early February that the suggestions were going amazing and she was really happy.

Accredited Consultant: Maguelonne Rousseau – 2016 – Singapore



“Parents of ‘N’ state she has absolutely blossomed during the process over the past 4 months, her confidence has grown exponentially and she was just awarded a prize in a public speaking school competition, something her parents are quite astounded and thrilled with.  She actively engages in conversation around the dinner table and happily shares her opinions and thoughts.  Her family are thrilled with the confidence she has displayed and she has been interacting well with her school friends and peers and taking great interest in school activities and happy to try new things.  She has had a significant decrease in timidity and less nervous.

Parents have enjoyed the process and feel that there is no doubt that the process has been very beneficial for their daughter.  They would like to continue the statement often as they all feel benefit.”

2018 – Accredited Consultant: Carla Pahl – HongKong


Fear and Anxiety. 

“The parents reported that ‘A’ had improved in physical ability and her approach to kindergarten.  She is taking more risks and attempting tasks that in the past may have been too overwhelming. Although still some anxiety but seems to be working in herself to overcome it. It takes a great deal of effort but now she can do it.  She is calmer; some of her fears are no longer a factor and Mum cannot recall her grinding her teeth at all recently. 

Mum reports that there has been considerable change in several areas that justifies moving to Level 2.  Fear and Anxiety are still issues for ‘A’ as she is still being affected by her difficulty to cope with change. It is being addressed at Kindergarten, and the parents still have some concerns. 

She is sensitive and empathetic and needs to improve her confidence and ability to handle “whatever comes along” and to keep herself calm when she is overwhelmed with nerves.  Specific Suggestion were introduced and the “sandwich” structure explained and to repeat the new suggestion 5 times.

Feedback: The new baby arrived a week after our meeting, and Mum said that while it has been a little difficult, they have been doing The Goulding Method- whenever possible – both siblings. Feedback from this family has been delightful. ‘A’ has told her mum at kindergarten that she feels “strong and happy today”! I am concluding the case study at this point, but I intend to follow up monthly.”

Accredited Consultant: Kim High – Australia 2019 



We had our last update in December 2018. Based on the conversation, the client told me that ‘J’ is now not so afraid of meeting new people, willing to listen and share more, and engage more activities. 

The client appreciated the help the process had offered her and her family. Although the monitoring experiment has come to an end, she will still continue to apply this process either during waking or night state.

Accredited Consultant: Lee Hong Yiap – Singapore 2018


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