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Something truly amazing and magical happened,


one day my younger son, ‘D’  just came up to me smiled and said “D….. Loves You”.I was so surprised as he has never said that before.


He used to be always angry but The Goulding Method – has completely changed him. I get to see his beautiful smile very often now. I just wanted to hear it those words again and again so I told him to repeat what he said and he smiled and said again D……Loves You”


I just want to say Thank you so very much to you and Karen for “waking me up” to correct what I had not done before, which is to give Unconditional Love to my children.  Have a wonderful weekend. Best regards.


 Consultant Intern – Shanti. Singapore – 2014




The end result: the 7 years old child is calmer and more balanced. He rarely wet his bed a night and sleeps through the night.  When he looses it now, he doesn’t wet himself anymore, only shouts out angrily and that’s it.


During the past 3 months, the mother has been persistently using the instructions she has received. I observed that all the children as well as the mom are more relaxed, and the family atmosphere is more harmonious and relaxed.


Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019




“Had a very positive result, her sleep improved by 90% and so did her ability to remain calm and deal with anger. She is very affectionate with all family members including her sister who previously was scratched and bitten by her daily.


 She has also become completely toilet trained and dry at night. Speech was also an issue, so after introducing additional ‘specific’ suggestions, the educators commented at her day care: “She has really found her voice and become confident and outgoing”.


The parents will continue to use the Goulding Method-  to help her navigate her way through future changes and make good choices.”


Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018




“Two weeks later at a follow up appointment, the complaints of the parents had totally transformed. New problems came up such as poor and rushed handwriting, being quite annoying when he wants things (especially if his friends have them, poor response to peer pressure), did not share willingly and was bossy. 


His nail biting had further improved and his anger issues had begun to subside, and he had also begun to recall his classwork more easily. By this point he had been started on medication.


The father added in that his son overestimates his abilities and was afraid he was being smug, proud or hubris. He would take out his frustrations on his little sister by pushing her around, especially if his parents were not around to guide him, but could be calmed if sent to his room. 


A month later, at the final follow up after the foundation process the symptoms checklist once again looked remarkably different. The parents came in reporting absolutely nothing as less than good. 


His anger and anxiety issues had reportedly disappeared, and his parents reported 55% improvement in socially acceptable behaviour, 85% improvement in nail biting, and 70% improvement in stress levels reflected on parents.”


Professional Intern: NS – UAE




Mother notices that he tends to wake up with smiley face and more calm. She also notices that her sleep quality is getting better and his energy level is improving.


Not only this, he also becomes more responsive and tends to be more loving toward his sibling. He is more easier to accept suggestion and less argument with mother. 


Accredited Consultant – Hiro Koo Kian Yong – Malaysia 2018




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