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A Miracle


We were in Crisis.

My name is Audra, and I am Mom to two beautiful daughters who inspire me daily to be a better me.


I have my BA in Elementary Education with a minor in special education from the University of Wyoming. I have taught 3rd grade at an International Bachelorette School in Fort Collins, CO, I’ve led the children’s ministry at Harvest Church in Billings, MT and currently work as a substitute teacher for Chino Valley Unified School District.


For as long as I can remember children have been my passion.  They are our future and I take that very seriously. As a teacher I love helping children develop and learn, and grow into little people.


While teaching, I quickly realized that parental involvement plays an integral role in how successful a child will be. Teachers inspire, lead, and teach, but parents are the key in the successful development of their self-esteem and confidence as well as their success in and outside of the classroom. Parents hold an enormous amount of power to influence their children in both positive and negative ways.


My desire is to help parents become empowered with knowledge that can transform their children’s lives with their own words within their own homes. I consider myself to be a child advocate, and there is no better way to help children in my opinion than to work with parents to inspire and build a strong self-esteem and confidence within their child.


Children who have a high self-esteem perform better in school and overall make better choices. Developing a child’s confidence and emotional firewall prepares them for a lifetime of success.


As a mom I have been in that dark place where I was desperate for help. I was challenged with two very angry struggling children. It took me by surprise, that even after years of working with parents and children I found myself at a loss of ideas on how to help my own children.


I felt hopeless!  I had tried everything, from discipline to bribery, and nothing was working. My children were not happy. That is the hardest thing for me to admit, my kids were not thriving at all. It seemed that on some days we were barely surviving, and I knew something had to give soon.  We were all in crisis. It was while I was in this place that I discovered The Goulding Method – : My miracle.


I met with the founder Joane Goulding, and began a transformation that I consider a miracle. Within two weeks of starting the Goulding Method – , my children had shown remarkable improvement.


My youngest was no longer waking up with night terrors; she was sleeping the entire night in her own bed! My oldest was no longer angry each morning; she was waking up happy and content!


They were no longer fighting with each other all day long. Both children started to improve in school, and by the end of the school year were earning A’s and B’s. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about how simple and impactful just 2 minutes a night could be.


I vowed then that I wanted to share this process with every parent I know.  I took the certification course this summer to become a consultant with The Goulding Method Process, and am thrilled to now be able to teach other parents how to use it.


This is the single most impactful thing I have ever done with my children. It’s completely safe and easy to do, it just takes 2 minutes a night! The best part is that the PARENTS are the ones working directly with their children.


I am looking forward to talking with you about how you can become actively involved in building your child’s self-esteem and confidence

Accredited Consultant – USA– Dec 2014


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