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Jodie Solberg

Washington, USA
Languages: English

Available For

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(425) 608-1867

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For more than two decades, my professional focus has involved working with clients of all ages dealing with challenges such as trauma, anxiety, and other forms of neurodivergence. With a background in Social and Clinical Psychology, and as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I guide my clients through a process of discovery, release, and inner healing, addressing issues that impact their lives profoundly.

My experience working with diverse populations such as adults and children suffering from the effects of abuse, Pre-K and Kindergarten age children, teens in after-school programs and group homes, parents in training programs, people dealing with chronic pain and addiction, and burned-out caregivers gives me a unique perspective to help my clients overcome their challenges so they can be free from anxiety and fear, heal from trauma and burnout, and have more peace, joy, and harmony in their lives.

Working with many distraught parents searching for an answer to help support their children and affect positive change in their households, I was driven by a heartfelt desire to contribute to a solution. This journey led me to discover the Goulding Method of SleepTalk, which is a wonderful, safe, effective, and non-invasive process that aids parents in building the essential foundation of unconditional love, self-esteem, and emotional resilience for their children.

Addressing a wide spectrum of issues that my clients were experiencing with their children, including behavioral issues such as tantrums, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances, potty training challenges and sibling rivalry, and developmental challenges such as Autism and ADHD, SleepTalk is grounded in the science of how the brain functions and its vast ability to change, called Neuroplasticity. The Goulding Method facilitates the creation of new neural pathways, circumventing old negative behaviors and beliefs, thereby allowing for the release of fear, anxiety, and trauma. The resulting deepening bond from the SleepTalk process between parents and children contributes to a happier home life for the entire family.

Strong self-esteem, secure attachment, and emotional resilience can significantly impact success, both emotionally and academically, during all stages of childhood and adolescence. Providing children with these emotional tools is an investment with lifelong benefits that will have a positive effect on future generations.

Working virtually, I am able to help families from all over the United States, and beyond. I welcome any inquiries and questions regarding SleepTalk, and I am looking forward to guiding and supporting you and your family through this process!


I would love to help your family!

Contact me now, or find Goulding Method resources below to help you get started.

Goulding Method Resources

Package 1

eBook + bonus items

For parents who would like to dive deeper

  • Third edition e-Book
  • Choose English or Romanian
  • MP3 audio from Joane Goulding
  • PDF: Key Insights and Parents’ Q&A
  • Booklet: Secrets of Developing Your Child’s Sense of Self


Package 2

6 Training Videos

For parents and professionals who want to learn more

84 minutes of training

  • Case History
  • Communication Template
  • New Zealand Case History
  • Primary Area of Need
  • Bedwetting
  • Fear: Underlying Issues


Package 3

22 Training Videos

Full training course for  professionals.

Only available to Consultants through a Licensed Trainer.

Other Resources - Prices are AUD

Goulding Method - Workbooks in other languages

These short PDF translations are intended as a ‘quick-start guide’ to using the Goulding Method with your children. Be aware, commitment to present the method consistently each evening without adding suggestions is vital for change.

Your selected accredited consultant or licenced endorsed trainer is available to assist as changes commence.

Please contact the webmaster if you have any issues with purchases.


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