The Goulding Method

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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Bedwetting – Fear – Behaviour – ADHD – Sleepwalking

Feedback. “A 6 year old boy with attention disorders, anxiety, stress and self-confidence with anger, aggression issues and nightmares. Only the mother would agree to present the process and there is a history of family background distress but he has a positive sibling relationship. Phase 1 suggestions were offered and applied over 3 months with […]

Sleeping – Temper Tantrums – Behaviour

Feedback:  “2 year old girl has difficult falling asleep and wakes up every night needing her parents causing them lots of fatigue. A number of physical issues have occurred to this young girl to cause ongoing trauma and anxiety linked to bedtime sleeping. She has trouble managing her outbursts of anger and insecurity causing her […]

Sensory Processing, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Sleep Issues, Anxiety

Joane has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely caring and supportive. I cannot thank her enough for her work and can’t wait to see how this journey continues to unfold. I have become very aware of discussing any medical or negative conversations about my child out of his hearing. Everything goes into the computer […]


Feedback: “At 6 years of age, ‘C’ is still dealing with bed-wetting and sleeps with a diaper at night. He is an anxious child lacking self-confidence, is sensitive and has trouble dealing with his anger.  The parents commenced the process and after 3 months feedback indicates he has a lot more self-confidence and has also […]


Feedback: “A sensitive young girl ‘E’ is very stressed and dealing with nightmares when she lost one of her parents. The Goulding Method was started and after 3 months her nightmares began to reduce and the parent is continuing to present the process.” 2022

Anger Management

Feedback: “An 8yr. old young girl is dealing with anger management, seeking attention, biting nails and arguing with her sibling. After commencing the Goulding Method for a few weeks the nail biting and augments with her sister improved. Ongoing presentation for the next 3 months indicated continued acceptance of the process.” 2022

Autism and Mutism

Thanks to you and the Goulding Method I can now take my son on holidays with my mum and I no longer have awful daily phone calls from the school. I’ve had life changing results with my clients, also especially a little 11 year old Malaysian boy who is Autistic and had selective mutism and […]

Behaviour and Education

Mum is generally pleased with the signs of progress of ‘L’ in the past few weeks since the Goulding Method was introduced. The process has been implemented correctly and consistently by parents (missed 5 times in total and not even in the row). Mum reports: 1) Even though behaviour is better, she still feels that […]


Mum is generally very pleased with the signs of progress of ‘A’ in the past few weeks since the Method was introduced. She sees his behaviour changing in the right direction. She believes it is a combination of different factors but believe the method is definitely helping. Mum reports: 1) She enjoys very much the […]


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