Workbook Goulding Method – English




This introduction eWork-Booklet explains how parents can apply the very basic application of the Goulding Sleeptalk Method with ease. The Method is about teaching parents to utilise this 2 minute process every night, creating changes which can last a life time. If presented consistently each evening, it helps to establish emotional balance and acceptance.

It’s about talking to your child while they sleep, helping them to awaken in the morning calm and happy, ready to deal with their world in a confident and self-assured manner. The strength of the process is its simplicity both in content and application. It’s a gentle Method establishing emotional intelligence and a sense of independence. Parents (and adoptive parents) can learn to apply this Method themselves.

It’s an effective drug free, client focused Method for parents wanting to assist their children to establish a sense of calm. The Method is taught by accredited members of the healing profession around the world. Ongoing assistance with issues such as developing emotional resilience, behaviour issues, toilet and sleeping concerns, sibling rivalry or dealing with separation anxiety are just a few examples that can be supported with this Method. Because it’s not WHAT we leave to our children that really matters, it’s the thoughts we leave within their MIND that’s important.

The Goulding Method is for modern parent’s custodian to future generations. The author of this Method is confident that it is no longer simply a ‘process’. It’s proven to have assisted families to raise emotionally secure children and has touched every community across the globe.

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