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Newsletter 2022

2023 Goulding Method™ International Zoom gathering:

We will see some fantastic new endeavours happening in the New Year, including the March Goulding Method™ International Zoom gathering. An expression of interest to present at the event will be forwarded soon. But in the meantime, do reach out and let us know if this is something you would like to be in involved with.

The Goulding Method™ Association (GMA):

The Goulding Method™ Association (GMA) and membership options are currently in the process of being created. Further information and application details for founding membership will be available mid-2023.

The development of our own Association later in the year is on track and if you have any skills to contribute that will assist in the ongoing formulation of the Association please let us know. The steering committees are being established as we speak.

Licensed Endorsed Trainers and Consultants Updates:

Endorsed Consultants are now identified in the sponsored international register and in the New Year will be offered the opportunity to upgrade their certification as a Goulding Method™ Consultant.

All current Trainers have been either Licenced and/or Endorsed (with Mentor support) and the password protected portals have been updated with some great new resources for your attention.

Note that all Trainers have independent autonomy to: Train, Assess, Accredit and issue the Generic Certification to graduates that have presented evidence of competency.

In addition: Endorsed Consultants are now identified in the sponsored international register.

Feedback is always welcomed when new and interesting changes and or resources are made available, so do visit the password protected Portals (4thButton on home page).

2023 will see the registration of additional accreditation for Train the Trainers. The updated training manual is currently being developed and will be available later in the year.

Assessment Strategies and Train the Trainer options:

The 3 levels of assessment strategies have been updated for each Unit of training as we move forward with new sponsored members.

In addition the committee of stake holders have started to develop trainer opportunities for those interested to apply for consideration and become an Accredited Train the Trainer. An expression of interest database has been created for those interested in becoming an Endorsed Trainer (supported with a designated Mentor) as we move forward, so do advise if this is something you’re interested in.

Please forward any evidence-based information you feel would assist all members. The training manual is in its final stages of edits and the committee is always interested in additional support material in line with our modality.

System of Operations (SOP) draft for review:

A draft document is currently being developed and will be available in the Portals for comment early 2023. It’s an interesting document as we are continuing to reflect the updates as the team moves forward. As we live in a rapidly transforming world with cultural, geographical, and generational considerations, it is hoped that the information contained in the SOP will be of value to the families you service and to your business.

From time to time there will be updated amendments to this System of Operations (SOP) and when an update or policy change is reviewed and agreed to, notice will be given via an email format.

This SOP is intended to be a reference for general questions regarding The Joane Goulding Method™ with email contacts of those that can assist further with specific questions.

Clarification Note

The Goulding Method™ business is sponsored and owned by the Founder Joane Goulding and since March 1st 2019 Joane has had nothing to do with the Goulding Institute (other than act as a Mentor to the new owner until 1st March 2022). For further clarification contact the sponsor of the Goulding Method™ International Register.

The registered business name “Goulding Institute” and the Australian only trademark “SleepTalk – Self Esteem Program for Children” continue to operate and are no longer associated with the Joane Goulding Method™.


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