The Goulding Method

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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.


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Has A. R.

* IACT / IMDHA Endorsed Goulding Method – Licenced Trainer
Languages: English

Available For
Free Goulding Method Talk, Group Workshops, Private Workshops, Private Consultation, Visiting Consultation, Phone Consultation, Online Consultation

Mobile: (65) 96173269



I would love to help your family/clients!

Flexible options to meet your needs:

Option 1) Engage me ​
(Face to Face or Zoom available) for levels 1, 2 and 3

Option 2) Become an accredited Goulding Method consultant! As a Goulding Method Consultant you will be able to teach parents how to use the Goulding Method with their own children or use the technique with your clients’ children.
(Face to Face or Zoom available​) for levels 1, 2 and 3

Click here for fees and schedule for option 1 & 2

Option 3) Learn at your own pace! Find Goulding Method resources below to help you get started. (For parents level 1 only)

Goulding Method Resources

Package 1

eBook, MP3 audio & PDFs

Phase 1 resources for parents, to get you started

  • Third edition e-Book
  • MP3 audio from Joane Goulding
  • PDF: Key Insights and Parents’ Q&A
  • Booklet: Secrets of Developing Your Child’s Sense of Self

$40 AUD

Package 2

6 Training Videos

For parents and professionals who want to learn more

84 minutes of training

  • Case History
  • Communication Template
  • New Zealand Case History
  • Primary Area of Need
  • Bedwetting
  • Fear: Underlying Issues

$100 AUD

Package 3

22 Training Videos

Full training course for  professionals

6 Hours of Training

  • Preface
  • Michelle
  • RAS Reticular Activating System
  • The Legacy Tree
  • Exercise Unconditional Love
  • Case History Amina & Isabella
  • Communication Template
  • Foundation Script Part I
  • Foundation Script Part II
  • Script Analysis of Response
  • The Pink Elephant Part 1
  • The Pink Elephant Part 2
  • New Zealand Case Study
  • Where Does My Child Stand Now
  • Procedural Format Template
  • Primary Area of Need
  • Exercise Literal Thinking
  • Bed Wetting
  • Developing Specific Statements
  • Specific Statements Fear
  • Exercise Stay Asleep
  • Where Does My Child Stand Now Revision

$275 AUD