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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

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Elaine Stoeckel

Endorsed Goulding Method – Licenced Trainer
Brisbane, Queensland
Languages: English

Available For:
Support to all accredited Consultants and licenced endorsed Trainers who are members of this international team.

Mobile: +61 (0)411 744 979

I have provided the following resources on psycho-nutrition:

Contact me now, or find Goulding Method resources below to help you get started.

Now retired as a Natural Therapist, my background in , Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy leaves me with a desire to continue offering assistance and support. So I would love to offer ongoing ‘Pro-bono’ Natural Health support to all accredited consultants and licenced endorsed trainers who are members of this international team.

Do feel free to contact me for a confidential chat and allow me the opportunity to support and assist.

Goulding Method Resources

Package 1

eBook, MP3 audio & PDFs

Phase 1 resources for parents, to get you started

  • Third edition e-Book
  • Choose English or Romanian
  • MP3 audio from Joane Goulding
  • PDF: Key Insights and Parents’ Q&A
  • Booklet: Secrets of Developing Your Child’s Sense of Self

$40 AUD

Package 2

6 Training Videos

For parents and professionals who want to learn more

84 minutes of training

  • Case History
  • Communication Template
  • New Zealand Case History
  • Primary Area of Need
  • Bedwetting
  • Fear: Underlying Issues

$100 AUD

Package 3

22 Training Videos

Full training course for  professionals

6 Hours of Training

This is only available to Consultants through an Endorsed Trainer. Please contact the Trainer of your choice to get started.

$275 AUD


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