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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Dyspraxia – Nail Bitting – Anxiety – OCD – Sibling Rivalry – Separation Anxiety

Feedback:  “A 6 year old boy diagnosed with dyspraxia, anxiety and OCD issues. He is often anxious, insecure and needs a lot of rituals to feel reassured and secure. He has also developed OCD behaviour which appear in situations of stress, fear or discomfort. As a result of the ongoing issues, his parents sometimes have trouble staying calm and may display anger and aggression (insecurity). He is very afraid of crowds and of excessive noise causing panic, anguish, fear of getting lost, being abandoned and separation anxiety.

The process was applied by both parents and 1 month after the start despite everything, the parents are very happy with the changes already visible. They are aware that the problems are “deep” and that it will take time. 2 months later improvements are continuing in speaking and writing skills and he is much better in creative activities. He can manage better without his parents and works much better on his own and a slight improvement in anger management had been noticed. He is biting his nails less, there is a reduction relevant to rituals and OCD behaviour.

3 months after the start of the process,  anxiety is less which is reflected in the OCD behaviour, more self-confidence and the parents indicate he is making great progress.”



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