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Sleeping Issues

Melbourne Consultant – Training Course – October 2010.

Feedback from consultant:

Thanks again for the wonderful Saturday where you shared your pearls of wisdom with the group. I’m looking forward to the next two group get-togethers.

I had my first session with a mum a couple of days ago and it went so well! We had a great discussion about her concerns and what she wanted for her 6 year old boy. I followed the suggested procedural format and we covered everything as you showed us. As we went through the ‘Where does my child stand now?’ form, every so often little beams of light seemed to shine into her mind to show greater clarity about what has been happening and maybe why. After going through the Top Hat, the different brain-wave levels, continuous positive statements, the foundation statements and the process she asked if she could also do it with her other two children who are aged 9 and 3. I said a definite yes and that it would be even better that she did do the process with each of them. She went home feeling much happier and empowered.

I rang her last night to see how she went on the first night and she said that everything went really well and she felt so wonderful saying the foundation statements to each of her children. She did mention with amazement that even after just one night her 3 year old girl had the best night’s sleep that she has had for ages and that during the day she was very bright and bubbly. I told her that it just affirms what a powerful process is!!!

Thank you Joane for teaching me this amazing way of helping parents deliver an exquisite gift to their children. We’ve booked the next session in 4 weeks and I’ve arranged to ring her every Sunday evening, if she hasn’t called me during the week.

Specific details are available upon request. Maureen.



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