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Separation Anxiety

I am delighted to be training in your Goulding Method – for Children. I was delighted to receive a phone call from my daughter this morning, she lives in the South Island and I am in Auckland saying that she had started the Goulding Method- yesterday.

She has twin daughters, 2 1/2 years born 13 hours before the Christchurch earth quake at 25 weeks prem.  They both had brain bleeds due to the earthquake and ‘G’ has cerebral palsy (mild) (due to the shake)  It has affected her motor skills.  Recently my daughter received funding for some child care each week, to give her a break, and she is also learning special communication skills and sign language.

‘G’ is experiencing separation anxiety, and so yesterday, after trying to get hold of me but no answer, (I was at conference) she decided to use the method in their day time sleeps as they have had a virus and not sleeping well at night  and in the same room. She didn’t want the risk of waking the other up. So as I said she used the method yesterday afternoon.

Last night they woke for their 10.30 pm dream feed (small stomachs as they are undersized which is normal for prems) and when her husband’s alarm went off at 6am she couldn’t believe they were still asleep! She thought she must have got up and not remembered. This was the first time that they had both slept through, and she had the luxury of lying in bed for 15 mins before her other daughter ‘O’ called.

She is normally tired was is full of beans today and so looking forward to carrying on with this process, as I know she will as she is very diligent with her daughters. I just want to thank you, even at this early stage from the bottom of my heart for developing and sharing The Goulding Method- .

2013 – Patricia Allen – Consultant in Training – NZ


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