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Feedback received: “Waking up a lot at night for 8 year old ‘T’ is the primary issue. She is very agitated, has lots of nightmares and sucks her thumb. 

After the 1st Phase she is improving and does not wake during the night. Her agitation however is still an issue although changes are happening. 

It is expected that the 2nd Phase suggestions will enable continued improvement.”  

Accredited Consultant: Maria Amella-Burcher – Franc


As we all know the level of stress from the Black Saturday was incredible and as adults its hard to come to terms with it. My 7 year old daughter ‘A’ (the youngest of 4) had a really hard time. She was old enough to know but not old enough to rationalize.

The nightmares continue well into May and June, it was only after we had some decent rain did the fear seem to go away. I was thrilled but only to be flawed when the first warm day we had and there was a “control burn” going on in the area did I realize the nightmare was still there.

It was about this time I was introduced to the Yarra Valley Practitioners group. I discussed my daughter with the coordinator who advised me of a lovely lady that was helping the children of the area. Judy a professional therapist working with Kinesiology was only more than pleased to help ‘A’, which after the first session she claimed “I am no longer scared of fires, spiders or Lord Voldemort”.

Even though we knew it would take longer than one session to help the worries it was a really positive step in the right direction. We are continuing to work with Judy and I am noticing an extra calm within ‘A’ these days.

I am also practicing the Golding Process – “” and I do believe between the aid of these 2 programs we are making good progress. These angels of assistance are truly a god send to my family.

Y.S. – Chum Creek 2009



“Mum was really happy with both ‘C’s and ‘Z’s progress. ‘C’ has not had nightmares for a couple of months now and no worries with phobia either. ‘Z’ has been really good and has been sleeping for the most part in his own bed with occasional nights in bed with his sister. 

Mum did say that they had been a bit more inconsistent with the Goulding Method- in the post couple of weeks due to illness and holiday sleepovers. We decided that it would be a good idea to continue with foundation statements and sibling rivalry statement for a few more weeks since they had been less consistent recently. After that we will odd a new statement for each of them to create a good ‘fire wall’ for the future.

I met with mum again in September. They had been doing the process  consistently now for several weeks and in view of the progress made by both children, we decided it was time to add some support statements. 

I subsequently spoke with mum again. Support statements seemed to have been accepted by both children with no opponent problems. Both parents are very happy with the whole process and will continue with The Goulding Method- . 

Kathryn Duncan – Qld 2014


Nightmares and Behaviour.

“The end results of the The Goulding Method – means that ‘L’ has no more nightmares, just a bit of moaning & groaning, nothing to wake him. So, on the mind profile questionnaire there has been a ‘Physical’ improved of 90 -95%, and in the ‘Academic’, an improvement of 20% has been noticed. 

His ‘Behaviour’ is usually very good but an improvement of 10% has been noted and in the ‘Emotional’ section, a 90 – 95% improvement has been noted. In the ‘Home’, the parent feels an overall improvement of 60 – 70 % has been achieved in this short time frame.”

Accredited Consultant: Mary Tonner – NZ 2013


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