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Growing happy children

I am more than happy for you to share my email.  I wish I could sing the praises of your work from the rooftops.  I certainly talk about it to all of the parents I know (or those who I believe will be receptive!)  I have several friends who are also in love with Sleep Talk and it is of great benefit to be able to discuss the program with them.

My daughter M is certainly is reaping the rewards of Sleep Talk already.  She is a very calm, happy soul (lots of meditation during pregnancy helped too).  As you suggested, we already use the Sleep Talk phrases with her all of the time.  I feel blessed that our daughter’s subconscious is being so well nurtured from such a young age.

Our family motto, for some time, has been ‘Happy thoughts make happy things happen’.  It is what we revolve our life around and it makes us all feel great.

Thanks again for getting back to me and, again, I am more than happy for you to use my testimonial in any way you like.

Have a wonderful 2009, I know we will.



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