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Co-ordination, Emotional Outbursts

Co-ordination & Emotional Outburst

“As a mother of an eight year old boy I face the many challenges that parenthood brings.  I started the Goulding Method- with my son after battling the many emotional outbursts from him.

I felt we were losing the close relationship we once had and wanted to make positive changes.  Whilst the changes haven’t been instant I believe he is responding slowly to the program.

Other people have also noticed changes, in particular his swimming teacher who has seen him improve his coordination and stroke technique.  His emotional outbursts are becoming less and less and we communicate more freely.

I would recommend The Goulding Method – to any parents who want to create a closer relationship with their child and address issues such as behaviour, co-ordination and focus. It’s also a beautiful way to end your day!”

Rebecca McLennan – Consultant & Mum – Victoria


Coordination & Scratching.

After 3 months of The Goulding Method – , he became interested in sport, and his coordination and physical ability increased dramatically as did his speech.

His ability to remain calm and deal with anger did not improve and his mother thought his eczema was causing him quite a lot of distress and anger and he would be scratching until he bled during the night.  

After using the an additional statement he is sleeping better and scratching less. He has also being mentally challenged at day care as he moved into the kindergarten room which he enjoys and suffers less boredom. 

The family is keen to continue using the Goulding Method – in the future to work on his ability to remain calm.

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018

Feedback received: ‘L’ is a little boy 3 years of age, he is angry and has problems with toilet issues eg: Pooing. He doesn’t share his toys with other children and although he loves his older sister he remains jealous. ‘L’ grandmother humiliated him the least time he pooped in his pants, and since then he says he is disgusting.

He also has some problems with co-ordination. After the 1st Phase – he asks to go to toilet but sometimes he’s still pooing in his pants. He’s still having problems with co-ordination but he has no more temper tantrums.  

The suggestions chosen for the 2nd Phase has improved his co-ordination and movements.

Accredited Consultant: Rose-Marie Mauron – Genève   


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