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Asperger’s Syndrome / Anxiety / Nightmares

Session 1

Presenting Issue
“J” is a very anxious child who has a fear of being left behind by his parents. He is also experiencing night tremors, stuttering, nail biting, lack of confidence and is melodramatic and “sooky”.

Detailed Case History
“J” was lost at a carnival a year before and since then does not let his parents out of his sight. If his parents need to go somewhere without him he has an anxiety attack (trouble breathing and panicking).

His parents need to sit with him and explain they will come back each and every day before going to work, before dropping him off at school or to other family members if they need to go out. Even when his parents are in the next room and “J” cannot see them he continually calls out for reassurance that they are still nearby.

This is all becoming a big burden to “J”’s parents but their main concern is school. One of them has to stay at school, stay through assembly and wait around until “J” goes into class. “J” is also very sensitive and is not integrating with others in his class.
“J”’s parents are also concern with his melodramatics e.g. if he knocks his leg then all hell breaks loose even if there is no damage/cut/blood etc.

I explained the Process to “S” and “J”, answered any questions/concerns and then we proceeded to complete “Where Does My Child Stand Now?” (see attached).
The major areas highlighted as Very Poor/Poor in this process were:

  • Reading Skills
  • Nail Biting
  • Ability to Remain Calm
  • Ability to Cope Without Parents

“S” and “J” both committed to the Process and couldn’t wait to get home and start.


Session 2

“S” and “J” were amazed at the change in “J” over a four week period. As we went through “Where Does My Child Stand Now” there were significant improvements in specific areas up to 80%.

“J” had a couple of evenings where he didn’t complete the script, as one evening “J” sat bolt upright in bed and “J” thought he was awake so he just said “I love you” and left the room. Another evening “J” just said “I know, I know” so “J” again said “I love you” and left the room.
Both “S” and “J” have been diligent about working with “J” every night. In four weeks they only missed two evenings.

  • Not experiencing any night tremors
  • School has been fun – he now “loves his friends”
  • No more waiting in assembly line.
  • Happy to say goodbye each morning to go to school.
  • Hasn’t been asking (over the last two weeks), “where are you?”
  • No longer biting his nails – “S” had to actually cut them
  • Is spending longer periods of time alone playing.
  • Has come out of his shell at school and more a leader than a follower.
  • Cut his finger a week ago and did not whine, was not as dramatic and managed to stay calm.
  • Had to leave “J” with his cousin for a day and they were going to go swimming. This would normally be a nightmare but once “S” told him and asked if he would be OK, he said “I’m a bit nervous but I will be OK”

Primary Area of Need
The family is moving to a country town in a month and “J” needs to start a new school. “S” and “J” have discussed this with him and he seems OK but they would like to continue with to ensure that he copes well with this move and fits into his new school with the minimum of anxiety.

Specific Suggestions Given
We all worked together to formulate the following suggestion:
You’re safe, you belong and it’s OK to be you.


Session 3

This session was completed by phone:
The move has gone well for “J”. He had a reoccurrence of night tremors in the first week but has not had any further occurrences. He has assimilated fantastically at his new school and has made a lot of new friends.

“J” is also enjoying the rural life and loves playing with the farm animals and not worrying about where his parents are at all times.

End Result
“S” and “J” said they will keep using , alternating between the foundation process and their primary suggestion.


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