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Carol-Lynne Benton

Location: Texas, USA & Costa Rica
Languages: English

Available For

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(832) 689-3395


Lynne Benton

I would love to help your family!

Contact me now, or find Goulding Method resources to help you get started.

For many years now I have seen adult clients in my practice for issues of trauma, emotional and physical abuse, fear, anxiety, low self esteem and lack of self-love. I assist them by using hypnosis so that they may discover, release and heal issues affecting their lives.

Many nights after my clients have gone home, I wonder what would their lives have been like if only they had received a foundation of unconditional love, guidance, support and positivity from their parents. So much pain and emotional distress could have been avoided as they suffered throughout their lives.

I felt in my heart that somehow I had to be part of the solution to bring about this critical foundation for children to be able to live more happier, peaceful, loving, content, secure lives. It is through the discovery of the Goulding Method of I knew I had found the key. Sleep Talk is a wonderful, safe, effective and non-invasive, nightly process which helps parents and children build that critical foundation of unconditional love, self- esteem and emotional resilience.  Sleep Talk addresses behavior problems, tantrums, anxiety, trauma, fear, separation anxiety, sleep issues and sibling rivalry. As parents it is important for you to understand the science behind Sleep Talk, and how the brain works. The brain is not “fixed” and is constantly changing, a process known as neural plasticity. Sleep talk helps create new neural pathways that bypass old negative behaviors and beliefs, therefore releasing fear, anxiety and trauma. The bond between parents and children deepen and grow. Happier children help create a happier home life for the entire family.

It is critical to strengthen your children before they reach adolescence. Strong emotional resilience can mean the difference between success and failure, emotionally and academically. Adolescence is hard enough. Prepare your children by giving them the emotional tools for their toolbox. These are tools that will last a lifetime and can be passed on generationally.

I welcome your inquiries and questions regarding Sleep Talk. And I look forward to working with you and your children in the future!

Goulding Method Resources

Package 1

eBook + bonus items

For parents who would like to dive deeper

  • Third edition e-Book
  • Choose English or Romanian
  • MP3 audio from Joane Goulding
  • PDF: Key Insights and Parents’ Q&A
  • Booklet: Secrets of Developing Your Child’s Sense of Self

$65 AUD

Package 2

6 Training Videos

For parents and professionals who want to learn more

84 minutes of training

  • Case History
  • Communication Template
  • New Zealand Case History
  • Primary Area of Need
  • Bedwetting
  • Fear: Underlying Issues

$100 AUD

Package 3

22 Training Videos

Full training course for  professionals.

Only available to Consultants through a Licensed Trainer.

Other Resources

Goulding Method - Workbooks in other languages

These short PDF translations are intended as a ‘quick-start guide’ to using the Goulding Method with your children. Be aware, commitment to present the method consistently each evening without adding suggestions is vital for change.

Your selected accredited consultant or licenced endorsed trainer is available to assist as changes commence.

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