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Book Excerpt – The Goulding Method

A child’s memory commences from the moment of birth

From the moment the newborn baby’s brain begins to operate, acceptance of suggestions occurs. The brain has an impeccable memory, remembering whatever the conscious brain has been led to believe and never, ever forgets!

In adults, the information presented to the brain goes through a process of conscious and sub/unconscious acceptance; however as children we do not have a conscious, critical, analytical logic.

There is no time in which to develop comparisons such as an adult may use, therefore a child accepts suggestions readily, for example; “You’re naughty”, or, “You’re not as good as your sister”.

The external stimuli of suggestions are not travelling through the barriers of logical appraisal before being finally accepted.

That logic has not yet developed. The conscious brain is always accepting suggestions from its environment and if it has not developed logic, it is transforming suggestions into auto-suggestions.

They enter into the storehouse of memory, becoming part of a belief system at the sub/unconscious level regardless of their truth!

Children are our future, and as parents we need to recognise this with a sense of urgency. If we are to take care of our children’s future, we need to take care of the ‘now’.

Remember it’s not what we leave to our children that really matters, it’s the knowledge that we leave within their minds. This two minute gift creates changes that last a lifetime.

Benefits for our Children

For children, the increased awareness and belief of being loved leads to greater self-esteem, a more positive attitude generally and a sense of empowerment of being able to do things better.

Our children become more socially acceptable, and less vulnerable to negative influences by peers. A closer relationship develops, and whatever problem or issue there may have been usually disappears or decreases dramatically. The effects of auto suggestion stay with our children for life

A major step forward in assisting parents.

The biopsychosocial aspects of stress, anxiety, education, emotional and physical issues are presented by parents to psychotherapists every day and looking beyond the presenting systems can in some cases be very beneficial.

The downline ramifications of change that do occur as a result of utilising this process are a major step forward in assisting parents.

The process is simple and easy to use and suits children of all ages from gifted to the talented and the challenged. Because it is non-intrusive ethical and safe with the benefits lasting forever, the Goulding Method is endorsed by the Medical and Psychological Professions.

It’s not about whether all children NEED the process but its most certainly a given that they will benefit from it. The process works in conjunction with any therapy and allows professional consultants to assist parents.

To help their children develop emotional resilience, the minds’ firewall which protects against negative suggestions, much like a firewall on a computer protects it from outside interference and damage.

Benefits last for life.

Some families found that their child didn’t respond to the process as they had expected, but upon investigating WHY it was found that the process was not completed correctly.

In most cases the parent just hadn’t bothered to follow the directions of conducting the process each and every evening. The process works and change will occur if you follow the directions.

The process is just so precious and so unique, but it needs the commitment of time and effort and I ask you to continue with it each and every evening for at least 3 months.

The process is suitable for all children from infancy to early teenage. It can help a normal child to do better, a difficult or troubled child to improve, a physically or intellectually disadvantaged child to succeed.

I consider that the process is a great parenting aid and psychologists, medical practitioners and counsellors in clinical practice have used it successfully since 1974.

It has been researched and verified by a team of psychologists and many successful case histories have been recorded. It’s worth is immeasurable to your child, it’s the precious gift of self-esteem that this process empowers.

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