The Goulding Method

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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Bedwetting – Fear – Behaviour – ADHD – Sleepwalking

Feedback. “A 6 year old boy with attention disorders, anxiety, stress and self-confidence with anger, aggression issues and nightmares. Only the mother would agree to present the process and there is a history of family background distress but he has a positive sibling relationship.

Phase 1 suggestions were offered and applied over 3 months with feedback indicating that changes are already visible. He was always impulsive but less often now, with less intensity and signs of rapprochement with his father are developing. Asked several times that his father put him to bed and acceptance to do what is asked of him without displaying anger. Many shared activities now occurring with the family and the his distress appears to be less intense although violent words and gestures still persist.

Continuous process with basic suggestions and after about 4 months the process was being offered by both parents. Ongoing signs of improvement in general behaviour, improvement in the expression of emotions and giving affection becoming noticed. Better anger management, more positivism and rejoices in family activities. No longer biting his toenails and fingernails although fear of abandonment is still present, as well as impulsiveness and fits of violence. Sleepwalking still happening and he systematically wakes up around 5 a.m. ending up in his parents’ bed. Despite this, the changes are significant enough to justify moving to Phase 3 suggestions based on emotional control and safety. And the updated suggestions applied by both parents seem to be well accepted because the boy appears calmer, less impulsive and anxious.”




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