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I have had another positive outcome from a Mum with an autistic child, received a note on the weekend indicating how much happier he is and even giving her cuddles spontaneously which he has never done before, the Mum is wrapped with the process.

Yesterday, I received great news regarding the child with autism, they have (through appropriate channels) been able to reduce the boy’s medication, he has had a real turn around because of the use of SleepTalk, so much so, the Grandparent, stood up and provided a testimonial yesterday at my talk. It is just wonderful.

Kirsteen Rowntree – Registered Consultant – Vic 2013


‘Moderate Autism’. The parents have been consistently delivering SleepTalk® and have found that over the last week he has been going to sleep later and later. He stays in his bed which isn’t a major problem; however he can still be awake up to 2 hours after they have put him to bed. As he has never been a great sleeper his parents are not concerned, but I have felt that this may be part of his reaction to the process.

I have explained that the ‘Foundation’ statements need to be continued until the ‘sub-conscious’ mind has had time to assimilate and accept these new positive suggestions with re-enforcement throughout the daytime. Eventually the positive suggestions of the ‘Foundation’ will become so much stronger than the previously accepted negative ones. Just repeat “deep asleep – deep asleep” as they are putting him to bed and to reinforce they love him and that he is safe.”

Mary Lynch – Consultant NSW